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Become an expert in work happiness

Happy people perform better

Higher engagement and motivation, better cooperation and (team) performance, lower absenteeism, less turnover and less stress. Actively working on work happiness and a positive organizational culture offers many benefits. But where do you start? And how do you ensure that these changes have a lasting effect?

The Happy Office course for Work Happiness expert provides you with all the relevant theoretical (scientific) knowledge, best practices and practical tools to put this theme on the agenda in your organization and keep it alive.

After the training you will know:

  • How to increase your own work happiness
  • Why personal leadership is important
  • As a manager, how to help your team
  • How to give a workshop (incl format) and enthuse ambassadors
  • Which tools and exercises you can use to increase happiness at work in your organization

But there is more

The culture of an organization has a great influence on the behavior of people. Do you want your interventions to have a lasting effect, do you want to structurally increase happiness at work in your organization? Then it is crucial to understand and influence culture and behavior. These topics therefore occupy an important place in this in-depth and unique training. We get a look behind the scenes from various experts in the field of Work Happiness with a (sometimes virtual) company visit and live Q&As.

Completion of the training

After the training you will receive a certificate. If you want more depth and receive the Happiness Officer diploma, there is the possibility to take an Aptitude Test. You can read more about this here. It is also possible to take various in-depth modules or receive personal intensive coaching. Call us if you want to know more about this.

The Workplace Happiness Expert Training is a blended training, so part online and part live. We will launch a 100% online in the fall of 2022.

Who is the training intended for?

  • MT / board members
  • Executives or aspiring executives
  • Staff officers (HR, Facilities, Communications, Policy, People & Culture, CHO)
  • Works Council members

Practical info Blended Training (on-site)

Dates fall 2022: October 4, 27, November 10, November 28

  • Number of participants: 8-16
  • Price: € 1,995 per person including catering, excluding VAT
  • Proof of competence: € 499,- excl. vat (not mandatory)
  • Locations ‘happy companies’ in the ‘randstad’
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Practical info Online Training

Dates: follows fall 2022

  • Videos and assignments via online learning platform
  • Number of participants: 6-16
  • Price: € 1,849 per person, excluding VAT
  • Proof of competence: € 499,- excl VAT (not mandatory)
Want to know more?

Blended Training Employee happiness expert, how does it work?

In the Blended variant, we use the ‘best of both worlds’: classroom and online learning. Some of the material is provided in advance, digitally. In the form of videos, interviews and assignments that you make at home and discuss with a buddy.

The classes take place as much as possible at organizations that are good examples in the field of work happiness, so that we can immediately test what we have learned in practice.

Day 1: Knowledge, understanding and personal happiness at work

During the first day we lay the foundation of the training. After an extensive introduction and the sketching of a target picture, we discuss the structure, key concepts and models of the training. This way it is clear from which perspective we work and what the framework is.  Furthermore, on this first day we will focus on the following topics

  • Scientific background of happiness at work, definitions
  • Context, why is it important?
  • Role of emotions
  • Difference between happiness at work and job satisfaction
  • Who is responsible?
  • Personal happiness at work
  • Awareness: how about you: emotions, hormones, mindset, motivation
  • Fixed&Growth Mindset
  • Theory & Practice of behavioral change (from intention to habit)
  • Company visit to a ‘Best Practice’ – Independer

Day 2: Work happiness in teams

The second day focuses on working on work happiness in teams. Topics include:

  • What are the common starting points?
  • What do other organizations do?
  • Who is happy about what (Personality Poker)?
  • How to create more work happiness in teams?
  • Experimenting with your team, tools & tips
  • Practice with pillars and plan of approach
  • Company visit to a ‘Best Practice

Day 3: Work happiness in organizations

The third day focuses on working on work happiness in organizations. Topics covered include:

  • Organizational perspective
  • Purpose, values and behavior
  • Organizational culture and how to change
  • How do you change a culture?
  • Company visit to a Best Practice

Day 4: Change approach

During the last day of the training we summarize what we have learned and look at how change does work in practice.

  • Run the experiment
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Presentations plan of approach
  • Company visit to a best practice

Online Training Workplace Happiness Expert, how does it work?

There are 8 modules each consisting of:

  • Videos with theoretical (scientific) backgrounds
  • Virtual tours of organizations with a positive work culture
  • Videos with exclusive interviews with various experts
  • Assignments that you complete individually or with your buddy;
  • Quiz
  • Check-in via Zoom

Each module spans two weeks. You watch the videos and make the assignments at your own pace. At the end of each module, we have a Check-in via Zoom with the group, where we discuss questions and do live Q&As with experts.

At the end of the training, you will present your plan of action for your own organization.

Detailed program Online Training

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction
  • How does this training work?
  • Structure, topics
  • Context
  • Assignment

Module 2: What is happiness at work?

  • What is happiness at work?
  • Why is work happiness so important?
  • What makes you happy at work?
  • Definitions of Work Happiness
  • Role of Emotions

Module 3: The Pillars of Work Happiness

  • Difference between Work Happiness and Job
  • Satisfaction
  • Pillars of Work Happiness
  • Personal Work Happiness
  • Expert Interview

Module 4: Personal Leadership

  • Who is responsible?
  • Ownership
  • Fixed&Growth Mindset
  • Behavioural Design
  • Getting started with your own work happiness
  • Expert interview & virtual tour + live Q&A

Module 5: Work happiness in teams and the role of the manager

  • Manager and influence on happiness at work
  • Measuring happiness at work
  • How do you tackle it in a team?
  • Online & Offline tools and methods
  • How to keep it alive?
  • Extra workshop: Happiness at work in remote teams
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Expert interview & virtual tour + live Q&A

Module 6: Positive Work Culture

  • Organizational perspective
  • What is culture
  • How do you recognize a positive culture?
  • Culture influencers
  • Expert interview & virtual tour + live Q&A

Module 7: Influencing Work Culture

  • Factors for a positive work culture
  • Best practices
  • Apply
  • Extra: maintaining your culture in a 1.5-meter society (‘temporarily different’)

Module 8: Presentations by participants

  • All participants will give a presentation on how they will apply what they have learned

What makes this training distinctive?

Werkgelukdeskundige opleiding


Scientific insights are always the basis, but we translate them directly into practice. What have we learned from our clients and what can you do with it? Each training day takes place at a different ‘happy’ organization, so that we can directly test what we have learned at their organization.

Werkgelukdeskundige opleiding

3 perspectives:

During the training we look at your work happiness, but we also look at the perspective of teams and organizations. What can you do as an individual, how can you help your team and what can an organization do to increase job happiness? Personal leadership and organizational culture.

Werkgelukdeskundige opleiding


Both during the training day and afterwards, you will be challenged to immediately apply what you have learned to your own situation. Learning by doing. Attend various guest lectures by experts in the field of Fixed & Growth mindset and training.

What previous participants in Happy Office’s Work Happiness Expert training said….

'How special it is that you yourself are undergoing a coaching process about your own work happiness and at the same time are given all the knowledge, tools, tips and tricks to help others in that area'

'Powerful interplay between Fennande and Maartje, both incredible amount of knowledge and expertise in house, pleasant open atmosphere with moreover a lot of room for discussions and exercises so that what was learned also sticks'

'Cool stories and speaking examples'

'The roadmap is a very useful and practical tool'

By now I've experienced parts of the training and read a thing or two about job happiness. At first I thought it was hype. But work happiness has a scientific basis, is proven effective for both employees and the organizations they work in, and goes beyond just superficial enjoyment. And then again, Maartje and Fennande are people who seriously radiate a lot of work happiness and can help think about promoting work happiness at all levels of the organization. I highly recommend this training.

Arie Speksnijder, trainer educator

`I experienced the work happiness training as very fun and inspiring. Maartje and Fennande have been great at creating online content during corona, organizing the training well and inspiring.Very enthusiastic and practically applicable.I started using it immediately! `


'The Pillars of Work Happiness model provides a strong overview of what matters'

`Fennande and Maartje are the best experts in this field and convey it incredibly enthusiastically. They give you personal feedback and the alternation between theory and practice is top! I really enjoyed following this course and learned a lot! `


`Supertoffe training, where you use theory and practical examples, but most of all you get to work yourself. I got a lot of inspiration and took another step on the creative path, which in turn benefits my personal happiness at work. In short, a nice mix of theory, tools and learning from others in the group.'


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