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Total Happiness Freshup for Teams


Work happiness is different for everyone and no one person can make another happy. That is why it is important to work together as a team to increase happiness at work. In 5 steps, spread over 6 months, you will learn more about the background of happiness at work, you will gain insight into your situation and you will work on your own plan of action.

Step 1. Inventory

  • Measuring happiness at work with a survey or app
  • Making a personal happiness circle
  • Interviews with team members

Step 2. Kick off booster

In a 4-hour kick off meeting we go into the theoretical and practical background of work happiness.

  • Why happiness at work is important
  • The role of emotions
  • Who is responsible
  • Pillars of happiness at work
  • Understanding what makes everyone happy
  • What is going well now and where you want to go

Step 3. Plan of approach

In a follow-up meeting of 4 hours we will discuss:

  • What stands in the way of your happiness at work
  • What you can do concretely for more happiness at work (best practices)
  • Make an action plan to increase your own happiness at work
  • N.B. Step 2 and 3 can also be combined.

Step 4. Keep on track

How are things after 3 months?

  • Interim measurement
  • Return day to review plan of approach
  • Key to more happiness at work: What can organization/management do?
  • Form and facilitate the happiness team

Step 5. Evaluation and next steps

Work happiness is now an integral part of your work structure and culture. Perhaps certain components or aspects need further deepening.

  • Measure again
  • Analysis of plan of approach
  • Specific possibilities for improvement
  • Adjusting the Happiness Team
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Total price EUR. 9.500,-

Includes preparation and reconciliation hours, reporting, materials, 4 meetings, 2 trainers, survey and material costs.

Number of participants:

For teams of 5 to a maximum of 20 persons


Time durance:

6 months