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Watch this video and see what the power of a smile is. You can see the eyes in the painting come to life. This week I posted it on LinkedIn and it got over 20K views just like that. So I definitely don’t want to withhold it from you guys!

Positivity is one of the pillars of happiness at work and a positive culture. Positive emotions, optimism, happiness are healthy for you. Did you already know ;-). Barbara Fredrickson’s Broaden & Build theory is one of the scientific sources on which our training is based. Simply put: when you experience negative emotions, you shut down, you see fewer opportunities, you become more cautious and less open to sharing ideas, thoughts, doubts with others, to collaborate and learn or try something new. On the contrary, positive emotions lead to a temporary broadening of our thinking and actions, we start playing, trying things out and because we do things differently than usual, we build new pathways in our brains, new habits that can contribute to greater happiness and we build new thinking patterns. In addition, we are more inclined to develop new relationships. Which in turn can create positive emotions and be resources during difficult times. This is not about jippie-the-pippie and having fun all day, but rather the little things, a nice conversation, learning something new, the power of a smile. Widen and build, that’s the name of the theory for a reason.

This post provided that: wonder, joy, amazement, fun conversations and new connections. The power of this smile is great!

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