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Today it is exactly two months ago that we officially declared the last week of September the International Week of Happiness at Work. The idea started in November 2017. ‘Wouldn’t it be great if there would be a week where there would be more focus on Happiness at Work. Next to the international Day of Happiness. If organizations would put Happiness at Work on the agenda, if the topic could get more attention. Especially because being happy at work has such a tremendous influence on our lives…’ we asked each other. Yes, it would!


Drinking coffee

So we started to talk about it, with employees, employers, organisations, thought leaders… you do not want to know the amount of coffee and tea we had since November… And we loved every minute of those conversations. We e-mailed our contacts in other countries: do you want to join? They did! People responded enthusiastic. So the idea started to fly.


Join forces

Can we actually learn from each other on how to enhance Happiness at Work? Can we join forces and make a change? We believe we can. During the International Week of Happiness at Work we gather as many people as possible to put the topic on the agenda, to prioritise Happiness at Work.


Prioritize Happiness

How? You can organize an event, a workshop, inspirational session. You can discuss it during the weekmeeting, to start your daily huddle with the topic. You can organize a company visit, to open your doors to inspire others how you work on Happiness at Work. Anything to enhance Happiness at Work.


Want to join?

Sign the Manifesto at And email us if you want to organize the local version of The International Week of Happiness at Work. Together we can make a difference!


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