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Happy People perform better.

Thank you for your interest. You can download the ebook via this link.

The Happy Office Program helps to create maximum impact in your organisation: the best results with happy and engaged employees.


To create a happy organisational culture, Happy office offers various building blocks; from inspirational bites to extensive workshops; possible to connect to get a customized program.

Expert on Happiness
at work

Do you want to contribute to more happiness at work within your team or organization or as an independent advisor? After this two day expert-training you will have all the important tools.


Practical tools and games for more Happiness at work: now available in our webshop.

kracht glimlachInspiration
18 April 2023

The power of a smile

Watch this video and see what the power of a smile is. You can see the eyes in the painting come to life. This week I posted it on LinkedIn…
12 April 2023

Raj Sisodia at WoHaSu about healing organisations

We have just returned from 4 inspiring days at the World Happiness Summit in Como. Inspiring because of the conversations with new contacts, well-known colleagues from the profession and (now)…
organisatiecultuur onder de loep nemenArtikel
12 April 2023

4 Signs that it is time to examine your organisational culture

We spend a lot of time at work, on average about 80,000 - 90,000 hours of our lives. Moreover, how we feel at work has a big impact on our…
The Happy Office ManifestoHappiness @ workTip
10 January 2023

Happy Office Manifesto published in English

There are two things we firmly believe in. First, in a positive work culture, or a culture in which happiness at work is key. That contributes to the well-being of…
20 December 2022

Ending the year with an end-of-year ritual

Closing out the year, reflecting, what went well, what do I want to do differently? Many people, and we in any case, do this around Christmas time. During Christmas dinner…
Emergence Business JournalInspiration
10 November 2022

Reforming Cultures: We wrote about it in Emergenc

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. In other words, you can have such great plans and strategies if people do not behave according to them, nothing will come of it. Directing…


14 - 15 June 2018
Workshops on Conference on Happiness@Work
Bordeaux France


Team workshop ‘Getting started with work happiness’

Team workshop ‘Getting started with work happiness’

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Team Workshop Work Happiness with Lego Serious Play

Team Workshop Work Happiness with Lego Serious Play

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Workshop Online tools for better collaboration

Workshop Online tools for better collaboration

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