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Culture eats strategy for breakfast. In other words, you can have such great plans and strategies if people do not behave according to them, nothing will come of it. Directing your organizational culture is essential. And because of today’s challenges: hybrid working, tight labor market and global crises, it is more important than ever. But how do you do that, change culture? What are we talking about? This year’s issue of Emergence, Business Agility Platform’s quarterly publication on the theme of Reforming Cultures, is coming out again. In it, we go into detail about how to build and maintain a positive work culture and what themes are associated with it.

Reforming cultures is possible

In many organizations there is a notion that culture cannot be changed. We disagree. Culture is constantly changing, but steering it in the desired direction is not easy. Yet it can be done, and that is what we want to make clear in this issue of Reforming Cultures. In addition to our own content on building a positive workplace culture, in this issue you can read about diversity and inclusion in relation to culture, ownership and reality-based leadership and much more.

Reforming cultures is on our minds

Practically all summer, we, along with Christopher Morales, Christopher Ruz and Evan Leybourn and all the editors, have been busy with content. Fun to do and a huge honor, because the topic of Reforming Cultures is close to our hearts. That all the time and energy was not in vain is evident from the results. One thing is certain: if you are interested in organizational culture you are going to love this issue. It is packed with visions and full of ideas on how to build a culture in which people can thrive.

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