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Purpose & Storytelling

In-depth module Purpose & Storytelling

Why do we get out of bed in the morning and go to work whistling? Creating meaning is an important basis for our happiness at work. Organizations therefore do well to be clear about what they stand for and what value they add for whom. But how do you formulate a purpose that is clear, attractive and authentic and how do you bring it to life in an inspiring way?

During the Purpose & Storytelling module you will learn how to formulate an inspiring organizational, departmental or team purpose and bring it to life. Storytelling plays a crucial role here. How do you recognize a good story, how do you develop one and how do stories help to give meaning to daily practice?


2 days+ 2 hours sparring

Number of participants



€ 1195,-

Training dates

Fall 2019

Day 1

What is personal purpose and how important is it to you?
Organizational purpose (theory and examples)
Formulating a concept of purpose
Storytelling: what is a good story (theory)
Practicing creating and telling stories
Translating it to your own organization

Day 2

Adjusting organizational purpose (based on own organizational stories)
Practicing with storytelling skills
Plan of approach for your own organization


Between the first and second day there are three weeks, in which self-study plays an important role. After the training we schedule another 2 hours for individual or buddy sparring (with the trainers).

We give this module in cooperation with Raymond den Boestert of the ‘Vertelacademie‘.