Cultural programs 

for maximum impact

Create better results and more involved employees with one of the Happy Office programs

Are you convinced about the use of Happiness at Work and do you want this to be a core value of your organisational culture? You should not think that this is implemented within 1 or 2 short interventions. When you want to incorporate Happiness at work, it must be reflected in the behavior of everyone who represents your organization. That means knowing what the organisation stands for, what values you represent and how that translates into behavior. With the Happy Office culture programs, we help build Happiness at Work in a structured and sustainable way. The key words of our approach are: evidence-based, agile working, learning to do it yourself and measurable results. Do you want to know how you can work in a sustainable way towards more meaning, connecting, fun and happier employees? We offer various possibilities.

For example:

  • Mastering Happiness for Management Teams (5 weeks)
  • In-Company Training Happiness Expert (8 weeks)
  • Masterclass Mindset & Habits for teams (12 weeks)
  • Total Happiness Fresh Up for Teams (6 months)

Do you want to know what fits your team or organization or want to have a tailor made program? Please mail to or!