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Incompany Workplace Happiness Expert Training

Do you want to start working with happiness at work within your organization and do you want to train managers and employees to become a happiness at work expert?

With the in-company Training to Work Happiness Expert, participants know all the ins and outs of happiness at work, they are aware of all the latest research and trends in the field of happiness at work and they have a plan of action to get started within your organization.

The course material is presented using theory, videos, examples and exercises. After 8 weeks the participants receive a certificate and may call themselves work happiness experts.

Course content

Session 1: What is happiness at work and how does it affect you?

During the first day the focus is on understanding and your own happiness at work. Topics include:

  • What is work happiness (definitions & theory)?
  • Personal happiness at work
  • How is it in your country?
  • Why is it important? Benefits of happiness at work (business case)
  • The role of emotions and hormones
  • Work happiness versus job satisfaction
  • Mindset

Session 2: Work happiness in teams

  • Pillars of work happiness (Happy Office diaphragm model)
  • Best practices
  • Who gets happy about what (Personality Poker)?
  • How to create more work happiness in teams?
  • Practice with the pillars of happiness at work
  • Role of habits

Session 3: Work happiness in organizations

  • Organizational perspective
  • Work happiness in organizations (Happy Office Key to Happiness)
  • Importance of purpose
  • How do I become a happy brand?
  • Trends in structure
  • Work happiness in organizations; leadership and culture
  • Working towards a happy work culture
  • Trends in leadership

Session 4: Employee journey Mapping and Plan of Action.

  • Importance of creativity and design thinking?
  • Role of empathy?
  • What is Employee journey mapping?
  • Why is it relevant to workplace happiness?
  • Creating a persona
  • Choice of journey
  • Preparing your own action plan
  • Presentations plan of approach
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Total price on request. Fee includes preparation and reconciliation hours, reporting, materials, 2 trainers and equipment costs.

Number of participants:

8 to a total of 16 persons


Time durance:

8 weeks