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Personality Poker® is an interactive game of playing cards. They look just like regular cards, but with one exception. Each card has a word that describes a particular trait, such as creative, analytical, empathic, for example. There are 52 cards and therefore 52 different traits. In Personality Poker, the colors like hearts and diamonds, and black and red, and the numbers also have a meaning.

The purpose of the game is to trade cards with each other so that you end up with 5 cards in your hand that best describe a good day. Based on your cards, you will learn:

  • how you like to work
  • what contributes to your job happiness
  • where your blind spots are
  • when you perform at your best
  • how you can complement your team so that you perform optimally
  • Which feedback is effective and which is not
  • and much more…

Do you want to use personality poker to get to know your team, department or organization better? And start a conversation about work happiness? For that you need to know exactly how. In this starter kit you will find everything you need:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Stephen Shapiro’s e-book
  • Powerpoint with explanation
  • Various Dutch subtitled training videos
  • Live recording of a Personality Poker session (in English) by Stephen Shapiro himself
  • 5 Dutch decks

Via the website you get access to the digital materials. Happy Office will send you 5 Dutch-language sets of playing cards by mail. (NB. One of the cards has a sticker, due to a typing error ;-))

Please mail to for the English version.

Price: € 197 ex VAT, incl VAT €238,37 + 6,95 postage (cards)

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