Having a clear purpose in both life and work is essential to happiness. And, science and business support this view. Companies with a clear purpose perform better than companies without. Purpose is increasingly mentioned as the key to navigate the volatile and complex world we live in. And, people with a purpose in their live longer and are healthier. However, finding your purpose, your personal and companies purpose, is not an easy task. In this workshop we discuss what purpose means and key elements of a sustainable and meaningful purpose. When playing the Happy Purpose Game, we elaborate the four steps to identify the company purpose and build your business around it.

For Whom

Managers and business leaders who want to lead with purpose, people who what to find their purpose in life and in work and actually want to take steps


4 hours / 1 day


On request


In this workshop we will immerse in the subject by playing the Happy Purpose Game. After sharing our knowledge, insights from science and best practices, we will play this game in small groups. By answering questions, role-plays and discussion participants will dive deeper into the subject. A free workbook is provided with the workshop. The workbook contains links to more background information and more exercises and ‘how-to’ s to continue the journey to purpose-driven leadership, also after the workshop.



– What is the importance of having a purpose, both in life as in business

– Exercise & discussion: what’s your view?

– Demystifying purpose

– The business case of purpose (purpose and Happiness@Work)

– Examples of companies with an inspiring purpose and their results

– Playing the Happy Purpose Game (to… identify the company purpose and build your business around it

– Steps on a lifelong journey


Learning Outcome

After this session participants

– know why purpose is important for happiness at work

– know some great examples

– know the possible pitfalls

– are familiar with the business case of purpose as an engine for happiness

– understand how to find the purpose of their company

– have researched their own purpose and know how to explore this further

– know how to take the four steps to identify the company purpose and build your business around it (4 steps: 3 questions, storytelling, share&connect, co-create&build)

– feel immersed in the subject, have taken their first steps on the journey and feel activated to take steps

– take the free workbook home to continue the journey.