Being happy at work makes us 22% more productive, research shows. Happy employees lead to happier customers and better business. In this two-day Train-the-Trainer Program Maartje and Fennande share their knowledge and extensive experience with you on how to transform your team to a happier team. Based on the science of happiness at work, their successful approach has helped many teams to better cooperation, better projects, sustainable success and better business. Learn about measuring happiness and practical steps to enhance happiness levels in your team.

For whom?

For HR-managers, (agile) consultants, coaches, Business Managers

and anyone else who is interested in becoming an expert on Happiness at Work

Location & Date

Bangalore, India, 2019, 22 & 23 March


On request

Goal & Perspective

To get up-to-speed with the subject Happiness at Work and to be able to apply it in your day to day business; as a consultant in your own organization, as a manager with your team, or as a coach or consultant with your customers. After this training you are a Certified Happiness at Work Expert and will be able to train others in your organization.

This train the trainer program is based on scientific research (f.e. positive psychology) and practical experience. Through scientific research outcomes, best practices, short films and exercises participants will immerse into this subject. The training is very interactive with plenty of room for discussion and feedback.

Program Day 1: Happiness@work at team level

Introduction and (cultural) context

  • Status/situation
  • Why important

Personal level

  • Happiness@work at personal level

Why, how, what of happiness@work

  • Science/definition
  • Nurture/nature
  • Why important
  • Role of emotions
  • Difference with job satisfaction
  • Negativity Bias
  • Mindset
  • Responsibility
  • What can you do with a team?
  • 4P’s of Happiness (model)

Roadmap to Happiness@Work within teams (5 steps)

  • Behavioural change
  • Inventory, measuring tool
  • Kick off workshop (how does it look like)
  • Next steps/Follow up
  • Possible exercises and tools
  • Reflection (how to use it for your team)


Day 2. Happiness@Work at organisational level

Business case of happiness@work

  • Facts and figures
  • Research and stories
  • Key to Happiness@work in organisations (model)
  • Purpose
  • Brand
  • Structure
  • Culture

Employee Journey Mapping

  • Persona
  • Employee Journey

Plan of Action

  • What are you going to do to put Happiness@work into practice?
  • Plan of action for your team/work situation
After this training you will:
• know the latest scientific insights in the field of happiness at work;
• have an understanding of what makes you happy at work and what you have to do to increase your own happiness at work and that of your team;
• be able to put your learnings into practice.
At the end of the training you will get a certificate and you are an Expert on Happiness at Work.