Teamworkshop Personality Poker


No one is the same and no one gets happy from the same things. We all know that and yet we sometimes seem to forget it at work. How do you help each other create more happiness at work if you don’t know what makes someone else happy? In the first place, by gaining insight into who your colleagues are and what contributes to their job happiness. And that is exactly what the workout Personality Poker is about. In two hours you get to know each other better and start talking about what makes you happy at work.

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2 hours

Number of participants

8 – approx. 150


upon request

In this Team Workshop Personality Poker participants get to know themselves and each other better by swapping cards. Personal characteristics that give energy and happiness at work are central. After a number of rounds of exchanges and the explanation of the cards, participants use their set of cards to talk to each other about happiness at work. Which forms of feedback and appreciation suit whom best? Which tasks and activities suit whom best, how can you learn from each other’s strengths and how do you work best together? With the personality poker workshop you are assured of interesting new insights, good conversations and lots of fun.

The personality poker starter kit is also available in our shop.

Also possible online!
For the online variant we use an online game board and Break Out Rooms. We know from experience that playing this game online also gives a lot of energy and fun!

Personality Poker was created by Stephen Shapiro. Happy Office is the distributor for the Netherlands.

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