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Does your team also spend so much time “fussing”? Do miscommunications and whining cost way too much time? Then take this team training course.

Research shows that we spend 2.5 hours per person per day on drama behavior. 2.5 Hours, per person, per day we spend on things like complaining, whining, gossiping and grumbling. Time we can’t spend doing what we really enjoy and care about: contributing to personal and organizational goals. This can be different, must be different, because it does not contribute to our own work happiness and that of our colleagues. How? By becoming aware of what we say and do, taking responsibility for it and changing it. In this workshop, you and your team will work on and positive work culture. You will learn what a positive work culture is and what behaviors go with it. You will look at your situation and formulate the principles for a positive work culture that suits you. The training will result in a plan of action that you will learn to put into practice during the training.

Also possible online

For the online variant we use a variety of online tools and Break Out Rooms, so that the participants remain enthusiastic and involved. We know from experience that this also generates a lot of energy and fun online!

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Time Durance

2 days or 4 half days (online)

Number of participants

Teams of 4- 16 participants 


Upon request

Who is this team training for?

For teams who want to spend less time on effective behavior and more time working on meaningful results.

After this day:

  • You will have an understanding of what a positive work culture is and the behaviors that go along with it;
  • You will know the pillars of a positive work culture;
  • You will have a better understanding of how to change behavior;
  • As a team you have formulated principles for your work culture;
  • You have experienced what a positive work culture means for you;
  • You have an action plan to get started.


Day 1: Ownership and a positive work culture

  • What is a positive work culture?
  • Four pillars of a positive work culture
  • What behaviors do and don’t belong?
  • How do you recognize “drama behavior” and how do you maintain it (unintentionally)?
  • What is ownership?
  • The role of mindset
  • Recognizing different mindsets in yourself and your team.
  • How do you change your mindset?
  • Facilitating the right mindset for a positive work culture
  • Practical assignment

Day 2: How do we put it into practice?

  • Designing desired behavior
  • Factors of behavior change
  • Your higher and lower consciousness
  • Asking the right questions
  • Asking for help and helping each other
  • Working together: do’s and don’ts
  • Manager’s role: autonomy and removing obstacles
  • Identifying starting points
  • Plan of approach
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Previous participants gave a minimum of 8!


"The pillars and mood board making I thought were great"

"It ran well, there was a lot of interaction, fun brought and creative"