Workshop Write Your Team Manifesto


What is the purpose of your organization? What value does your team or department add for whom? And how do you contribute to organizational goals?

Many teams and departments struggle with this issue. Finding, articulating and shaping your purpose and values provides clarity and leads to greater job satisfaction and better team alignment. And that makes working together more fun, easier and more effective. Even if (part of the team) works from home or online, from another location. In the team workshop Write your Team Manifesto you formulate your purpose, values and the corresponding behavior.

After the workshop your team or department will have a beautiful document that provides guidelines for how you work together as a team.

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Time durance

2 times 4 hours

Number of participants

Teams with a maximum of 20 persons


Upon request

Content of the workshop

After a brief introduction about what a purpose and a manifesto is, you will explore your purpose as a team. What is the essence of your work? What value and meaning do you add for whom? Using images and words, this will take shape in a number of steps.

In the second part of this workshop, based on the formulated and adjusted purpose, you will search for the values, behaviors and concepts that make your purpose concrete. We will summarize all these words, values, behaviors and concepts in a visual document, your manifesto.


After the workout, you will have formulated a purpose and translated it into values and behaviors. This is written down and designed into a manifesto, the guideline for your work. This leads to more job satisfaction, fun and better cooperation in the team.

Also possible online!

For the online version we use an online game board and Break Out Rooms. We know from experience that this workshop also produces a lot of energy, happiness and fun online.

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