Workshop ‘Getting started with work happiness’

This team workshop “Getting Started with Work Happiness” is the first step towards more work happiness in your team. Because happy employees perform better. That’s important for people and for organizations.

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Time durance

2 – 4 hours

Number of participants



Upon request

In this workshop we address:

  • The context: What is the state of work happiness around the world?
  • What is happiness at work?
  • The difference between happiness at work and job satisfaction
  • Why is happiness at work important?
  • Work happiness, the business case (practice and best practices)
  • Role of mindset and emotions
  • What can you do to create more happiness at work?


Before or at the start of the workout we do a short survey to measure the happiness at work of the participants. As a team, they make an action plan to immediately apply what they have learned in practice.


This workout is a nice stepping stone to the Happy Office program. This six-month or year-long program consists of a combination of workshops, meetings, advice, interventions and tools for even more impact when it comes to happy and thriving employees.

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