The only one who can make you happy and successful is you. One of the most important things for success, happiness and resilience is the right mindset. Carol Dweck did a lot of research about fixed and growth mindset. This workshop is based on her work. First participants will rank their feeling of pleasure, flow and purpose in work. After that we will immerse into the subject of fixed and growth mindset. Besides sharing our knowledge, insights from science and best practices, we will do a lot of tests and exercises so the participants can experience what kind of mindset they prefer. Besides that they get tips and tricks to work agile on a more growth mindset; because that mindset will add to their success and happiness. A free workbook is provided with the workshop. The workbook contains links to more background information and more exercises and ‘how-to’s to continue the journey, also after the workshop.


Everyone who is looking for ways to get happier, more resilient and more successful at work. And is interested in what mindset has to do with it and how you can work on a more growth mindset.


4 hours


On request


– How much happiness do you experience in work? (pleasure, flow and purpose)

– What is the challenge for you to change?

– Why happiness and resilience at work is so important?

– Who is responsible for your happiness and resilience?

– What is the difference between a fixed and growth mindset?

– Exercise & discussion: what’s your view?

– Characteristic fixed and growth mindset

– Mindset and work

– Mindset and leadership

– Examples of acting on a fixed or growth mindset

– Your preferred mindset

– How to develop your (growth) mindset






Learning Outcome

After this session participants

– have more insights about their happiness at work and what they possible can change

– know the difference between fixed and growth mindset

– have more insights in their own preferred mindset

– know how to develop a mindset to get more happiness and resilience at work.