Culture eats strategy for breakfast, said Peter Drucker. We all agree to that. If our organisational culture is not building up to our goals, we will never reach them. The main question is, how can you create an organisational culture that contributes to your goals, to productivity and success? The key for change is to form the right habits. Like exercising regularly and losing weight you can develop habits for being healthy, happy, more productive and successful at work. Therefore it is important to understand the human nature and its potential for transformation. In this workshop participants get all the insights and best practices to develop habits for an happy and fulfilling (work)life and organisational culture.

For whom

(Team) Managers and business leaders who want to change their organisational or team culture and people who want to know how to change their habits.


4 hours


On request


  • Why do people and companies differ in their struggle to change?
  • What do neuroscientists say about habits: how they work and where they reside in the brains?
  • How do happy habits contribute to the success of revolutionary companies and social movements?
  • The model of changing habits
  • Exercises to experience how it works.


Learning Outcome

After this session participants know

  • why people and companies differ in their struggle to change
  • about the neuroscience of habits
  • how habits contribute to success
  • how to change their habits
  • some great examples of successful companies and social movements
  • what they can do to change their habits