Workshop Mindset & Behavioral design


Do you want to experience more connection, progress, fun, or happiness in your work? Then you need to do things that make you happy.

In the Team Workshop Mindset & Behavioural Design, you will learn how these concepts can affect your work happiness and how you can change your behavior and habits with small steps. If you can develop habits to exercise more, lose weight and live healthier you can also develop habits that lead to more (work) happiness and success. In this workshop you will learn, using insights, examples and exercises, how your mindset works, how you can influence it, and what behaviors and habits help you achieve a happy and meaningful working life.

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Time durance

4 hours

Number of participants



Upon request

Content of the workshop


  • Why change fails
  • Change skill: skill of the 21st century
  • What is work happiness and what are its pillars?
  • Why does behavior and behavior change play a crucial role in work happiness?
  • Neuroscience, brain and neuroplasticity
  • Ownership: a handy model
  • Fixed & Growth Mindset
  • Behavioural Design: designing tools for effective behavioural change
  • Getting started: exercises to translate theory into practice
After this session, participants will know:
  • everything about the creation and development of habits
  • how habits contribute to job satisfaction and success
  • What habits they have
  • how they can work on changing their own habits to create more job happiness
Intended for:
  • (Team) Managers and teams who want to address their work culture to improve collaboration, engagement and work happiness.
Next steps

This workshop can also be part of the Happy Office Culture Program. This six-month or year-long program consists of a combination of workshops, meetings, advice, interventions and tools for even more impact when it comes to happy and thriving employees.

Also possible online!

For the online variant, we use a Break Out Rooms and an online brainstorming tool. Guaranteed inspiration, energy and fun

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