More and more people suffer from the harmful effects of stress. Especially among young people, stress is a growing problem. What can you do yourself to cope with stress? Can stress lead to happiness? And how? In this 4 hour workshop we discuss both positive and negative effects of stress, how to get more focus and be happier at work.

For whom?

For anyone that wants to turn stress at work into Happiness@Work


On request


On request

  • Context: figures!
  • What is stress and what isn’t?
  • Research on stress
  • When is stress healthy and when it is not?
  • Causes of stress
  • Why is it a problem? 
  • Buffer to stress: Happiness@Work
  • What is Happiness@Work (science)?
  • Role of mindset and emotions
  • Business
  • What can you do to prevent stress?
  • Big 5 for life
  • Tips and tricks
  • How to prevent stress at work from becoming stress at home