We all know that innovative organisations are more successful. But how does Happiness at Work fit in the equation? Definitely there is a link between happy, creative, innovative and successful organisations. In this interactive workshop you will experience how Design Thinking and Happiness at Work goes together and how that leads to success in so many organisations. We will provide practical tips on how to develop new habits to empower your creativity, empathy and thus happiness at work.

For Whom

Everybody who wants to know more about happiness and design thinking and how to put that into practice.


2 hours


On request


  • Difference between happiness at work and job satisfaction
  • What emotions got to do with it?
  • Why Happiness at works is so important?
  • What makes us happy at work (best working experience)?
  • How happiness relates to creativity and innovation?
  • What is innovation?
  • 5 steps of innovation: design thinking
  • How to make it practical?


Learning Outcome

After this session participants

  • know the difference between happiness at work and job satisfaction
  • know why happiness at work is so important for business success
  • understand how it relates to creativity and innovation
  • have experienced the five steps of design thinking and how to make them practical for their organisation


About the workshop

On the basis of the theory of happiness and design thinking participants will experience step by step how they can work on more creativity and innovative thinking in their organisation. The workshop will be very interactive with small exercises and mind setters.