Happiness@work is about a lot of things. For example purpose, culture, autonomy, personal grow, attention, fun, flow, results, being yourself and friendship. How are you doing when it comes to your happiness at work? This workshop is a 90-minutes fun experience by playing the ‘serious’ game ‘Choose Happiness@work’.


2 hours

Number of participants

On request


On request


  • Welcome and introduction (5 minutes)
  • Energizer to build up the energy and fun (15 minutes)
  • Set and review agenda and goals of the game (5 minutes)
  • Explain the rules and additional ground rules (5 minutes)
  • Introduction of the play (5 minutes)
  • Playing ‘Choose Happiness@work’ game (30 minutes)
  • Debrief (Q&A, sharing most interesting solutions and actions, other feedback -10 minutes)
  • Wrap up, link between the game and our booklet the twelve things you need to know about happiness@work (10 minutes)
  • Giveaway: booklet The twelve things you need to know about happiness@work (5 minutes)


About the game

Choose Happiness@work is a game developed by Happy Brain Science to foster productivity, creativity and happiness through the application of cutting-edge brain science. We want to get the participants talking, laughing and solving real world workplace problems. The game Choose Happiness@work is a fun way to learn more about the science of happiness and each other.

Learning Outcome

After this session people have:

  • tools to deal with (not so) happiness@work issues
  • new ideas to create more happiness@work,
  • (international) friends to exchange ideas and achievements