We are Happy Office

and we stand for Happiness@Work

We are…

Maartje Wolff


“It makes me very happy to see that we can really make a difference with what we do. After our workshops employees take responsibility and make a change for the better. They are able to improve their happiness at work and create meaning and results.”

Mail: maartje@happyoffice.nl
Tel: +31 6 28678544

Fennande van der Meulen


“I believe that organisations can flourish if people within the organisation flourish. If employees are happy at work, this will have a positive effect on both their professional and personal life.”

Mail: fennande@happyoffice.nl
Tel: +31 6 55178408

Pepijn Post


“When I founded Guidion, I have experienced what steering on happiness leads to. It does something with people and results. Focusing on happy employees, organizing and directing your organization and processes creates a culture worth gold. I will do that for every company. That’s why I started Happy Office together with Maartje and Fennande.”

About us

Tony Hsieh’s book has been on Pepijns nightstand for ages. Unlike some other books, this one was not collecting dust or waiting to be read. “Everyday I read or reread a chapter of this book. The conviction with which Tony centralized happiness at Zappos really got to me. When I was busy setting up the ICT-serviceprovider Guidion, I knew right away: ‘This is how I want to do it!’” From the beginning, Guidion has been built on the principle of happiness at work. “Of course there were more sources of inspiration, such as Verne Harnish and Cameron Harold, both entrepreneurs with a clear vision on success. But providing happiness at work for employees and clients has always been a priority within our organisation. Since 2009 we formally adopted happiness in our strategy, which consequently led to a happy organisational culture. I am convinced that our success and our quick growth are a result of that. In 2014 I left Guidion with the ambition to steer other companies towards normalizing happiness at work as well.”

‘Making the world a little better’, is one of the most important driving forces for both Maartje and Fennande who founded their communication agency LemonLab in 2011. “We didn’t want to develop advertising campaigns for products no one really needs or cares about. Helping organisations finding their purpose and encapsulate that in words and images, that is what we really liked. We did that for many years with great pleasure for both governmental organisations as well as commercial companies.

When we talked to Pepijn about our common goals and combining happiness at work with storytelling and purpose we felt elated. In March 2015 we went to the notary and Happy Office was born.

“Today we are much further than then, when it comes to theoretical and practical experience. We studied the science behind happiness at work at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. We followed the ‘Happiness at work’ teamcoach-training with Onno Hamburger and we traveled all the way to Copenhagen for a three day session to learn the ropes of happiness at work at the Woohoo Academy run by Alexander Kjerulf. Purpose and storytelling are still important aspects to our work, but we combine it with HR-influences, organizational culture principles and change management. And we do this of course with a heavy dose of practical experience. We give workshops and developed a six-month program to keep happiness at work alive within the organisation. Furthermore we organise events and develop content and tools.”

Do you want to know more, or do you want to share your ideas with us? Don’t hesitate to get in touch, because there is nothing more we would like to do than to improve your happiness at work.