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Mastering Happiness for Management Teams

Mastering Happiness for Management Teams

  • Session 1: What is happiness at work and how does it stand?
  • Session 2: What can you do as an organization top down to facilitate work happiness?
  • Session 3: How can you work with a team to increase work happiness?
  • Session 4: How do you change an organizational culture & create habits for more happiness at work?
  • Session 5: How do you put what you’ve learned into practice? Making plan for your organization and department.

Using theory, videos, examples and exercises you will get to work.

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Practical info program:

Price: Total price € 7,250 (excluding VAT and travel expenses). This amount includes preparation and tuning hours, reporting, materials, 2 trainers and equipment costs.

Number of participants: For teams of 5 to a maximum of 20 people.