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A positive work culture leads to a flourishing team

We are Happy Office. We help organizations design a positve work culture with vitality and positivity. Do you want a fulfilling job, more connected team, and more fun? In other words, a flourishing team? We would love to teach you, in a practical and effective way, how to make this happen.

“Working towards a positive work culture, more vitality and a thriving team together with you. That’s what we love to do the most.”

How we can help you

Working together towards more happiness at work

Programs for organizations

We help organizations shape a positive, sustainable and inclusive work culture. During our programs, we work to create purpose, fulfillment and fun to achieve sustainable results.


Would you like to make a difference yourself and become an expert in the area of workplace happiness, vitality and a positive work culture? Then attend one of our courses to become an Experts at Work Happiness or Positive Culture Agent.

Tools to create a positive work culture

In our webshop you will find useful tools, games and materials to get started with happiness at work. Get to know your colleagues by challenging them to a game of personality poker or keep track of your happiness at work in our Happiness Journal.

Project management

Does your organization have issues with vitality, inclusiveness or positive work culture? Our Happy Officers are ready to help you as an intervision professional in your company to build sustainable solutions. For example, vitality management or the training of a happiness expert within your organization.

Do you already know our book the Happy Office Manifesto, the four pillars of a positive work culture?

The Happy Office Manifesto will help you create a positive work culture step by step, for yourself, the team, and the organization. Happiness at Work is not about salaries, bonuses, fresh fruit, or having fun all the time, but about purpose, people, progress and positivity. It’s about pyschological safety, working together and achieving meaningful results.

The four pillars of a positive work culture


Feeling that you are contributing to something bigger than yourself, making a difference, feeling that what you do at work is useful.


How is the connection with other people? Are you allowed to be yourself, do you get appreciation and do you dare to speak out?


This is about making progress in meaningful work, achieving results that are important to you, autonomy and responsibility.


The last pillar is about positivity and fun. Having fun together creates a good atmosphere and that in turn leads to more creativity and more pleasant cooperation.

What others say about Happy Office

With great pleasure I followed the training for work happiness expert. The training was interesting and the method of learning very pleasant. Maartje and Fennande really know what they are talking about and are fun too ;)!

Marieke StaalVibe Manager Cloud Republic

Happy Office, both in their book and in their trainings, manages to inspire in an enthusiastic, yet down-to-earth way about how a positive work culture and job happiness contribute to the success of an organization.

Carole VeldhuisHR-Manager Independer

Work happiness as a guiding principle and putting our employees first is what has greatly improved our performance.

Francien v HCustomer of Happy Office
I would like to hear more about Happy Office

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