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There are two things we firmly believe in. First, in a positive work culture, or a culture in which happiness at work is key. That contributes to the well-being of employees and the success of organizations. In addition, we believe that you can only build such a culture by taking small steps and experimenting. We wrote a book about this: The Happy Office Manifesto, the four pillars of a positive work culture. It was published in September 2020 and in early 2021 it was nominated for Management Book of the Year.

Since the topic also proved relevant abroad, we, in collaboration with the Business Agility Institute, marketed the English-language version. All in all, the translation was still quite a job, but with the help of our dear friend and colleague Sarah Metcalfe, we succeeded. Just over two years later, The Happy Office Manifesto is available in English through and through the website.

What others said:

One those those wonderful books that you wish you had been able to read many years ago! Never before have I felt so connected to the writers of a book. A real feeling of being mentored and guided for my own personal benefit. My current and any future employer can only benefit too.

This book collates from a plethora of the greatest thinkers in all things relating to happiness in the workplace, but more importantly it is how the writers explain and guide you with their wealth of experience and their own real life examples and experiences. From now on it will be my first port of call when running initiatives, confronting issues and generally trying to implement improvements. It builds confidence in tackling even the most challenging issues by advising on proven methods for success and what pitfalls to look out for. Thank you Maartje and Fennande” – Neill Morley, DLA Piper

Happiness at work is not a fluffy concept. It is a foundational element of any successful business and this book explains why. Maartje and Fennande dive into the latest science on human motivation and provide practical guidelines for how we can achieve happiness at work. The book provides a wealth of tips and exercises that will be useful to anyone, whether they are employers or employees, leaders or team members.” – Sandy Mamoli, Nomad8

More reviews on our English language book can be found here.

The Dutch Happy Office Manifesto is, of course, still available, in our shop and of course also through bookstores, and

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