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Happiness at Work – 4 day in depth training

Higher engagement, lower absenteeism, better cooperation, teamspirit and performance in your team or organisation? Build a culture where happiness at work is the norm? This very in-depth four day training gives you all the scientific background, real life examples, tools, checklists and proven methods for sustainable change.

Practical stuff:

In-company training

Number of participants: 6-16

Price: depending on number of participants, location

(open training: € 1.950,- per person incl. catering, excl. VAT)

For whom?
Management team/C-level
Managers and leaders
Staff (HR, Communication, People & Culture, CHO)
Change leaders

Course Overview

What you will learn

Day 1: Awareness & Personal Perspective

During day 1 we talk about the scientific background en your personal happiness:

  • Science of Happiness at Work, definitions
  • Why is Happiness at Work important? (business case)
  • Your personal Happiness at Work
  • Awareness: role of emotions, hormones, mindset, motivation
  • Fixed&Growth Mindset
  • Theorie & Praktice of Behavioural Change

Day 2: Happiness at Work in teams

  • What makes people happy at work?
  • Happiness vs Job satisfaction
  • Pillars of Happiness at Work according to science
  • What do others do?
  • Everybody is different (Personality Poker)?
  • How to make your team happier? (steps to…)
  • Cases
  • Experiment, tools & tips

Day 3: Happiness at Work in organisations

On day 3 we look at company perspective and organisational culture

  • Organisational perspective
  • Purpose & Values
  • Organisational culture: why? what?
  • How to change a culture?
  • Structure
  • Leadership & behaviour

Dag 4: Getting started

  • How to train a team?
  • Where do you start?
    • our experience
  • How to change?
  • Employee Journey Mapping, do’s and do nots
  • Your Plan of Action
  • Company visit

Wat maakt deze training onderscheidend?

happy office

Focus on real life: Science- and evidence based, translated to real life. What have we done that works? How can that help you? We include several (depending on location) company visits, so theory relates to their daily business.

3 perspectives:  Your own Happiness at Work, team perspective and organisational perspective are key in this training. What can you as an individual do, to enhance your happiness, but also help other to do that. Personal Leadership + organisational Culture are equally important.

In Depth: Both during the training as afterwards, we challenge you to implement what you have learned in your situation. Learning by doing.