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Happy People perform better.

What does this mean for your organisation?
4-Day In-Depth Training

Become an expert on Happiness at Work and start in your organisation: Science-based, practical ways for change. Personal Leadership and Organisational Culture are cornerstones of this training. 

Woohoo Academy

International CHO training from Woohoo Inc in Copenhagen, now available in the Netherlands. Language both English and Dutch. Same program, different trainers, local examples. More info:

Workshops for teams and organizations

To achieve a happy organisational culture, Happy office offers various building blocks; from inspiration sessions to in-depth workshops; possible to connect to get a tailor-made (cultural) program.

Cultural program for organisations

To create better results with happy and more committed employees. With the Happy Office Culture Program you work in a structured and sustainable way on a happier work culture in your organisation.

ArtikelBest PracticeDo it yourselfHappiness @ workInspiration
October 16, 2019

Meeting-Free Workday

At Happy Office we regularly think about what truly makes us happy and what we personally need for more happiness at work. We talk about our happiness ponderings and look…
March 25, 2019

Happiness at Work at the Agile India Conference

We just returned from our trip to India. And again, it was an amazing experience. We met so many lovely people, got so many new and interesting ideas, inspiration, different…
Do it yourselfeventInspiration
May 22, 2018

The international Week of Happiness at Work: what happened in the last two months?

Today it is exactly two months ago that we officially declared the last week of September the International Week of Happiness at Work. The idea started in November 2017. 'Wouldn't…
Happiness @ work
November 7, 2017

Making Happiness at Work a strategic choice from today, a happy meeting with UST GLOBAL

The drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre to Cyberjaya was pleasant on the Thursday afternoon a few weeks ago. The sun was shining bright and so was my mood. I…
Best Practice
October 19, 2017

Happiness at work and storytelling at Bakery Van Maanen

We are catching up with Johan van Maanen on a sunny monday morning. He is the co-owner and inhouse storyteller at Bakery Van Maanen and we are here to talk…
Arko van Brakel over autonomieArticle
October 17, 2017

Autonomy makes us happier- in conversation with Arko van Brakel

Autonomy and happiness at work are closely linked, according to Arko van Brakel. As Happy Office, we use four pillars when it comes to happiness at work: mindset, purpose, results…

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Team workshop ‘Getting started with work happiness’

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Team workshop ‘Getting started with work happiness’

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Team Workshop Work Happiness with Lego Serious Play


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