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Closing out the year, reflecting, what went well, what do I want to do differently? Many people, and we in any case, do this around Christmas time. During Christmas dinner we traditionally discuss with the family the highlights of the past year as well as the most important plans for the coming year.

This end-of-year ritual is a great handle if you want to go the extra mile. It is called, fittingly (at least in Dutch ;-)) KALM.

The four parts are

Keep: what do you want to keep from the past year, what went well and do you want to continue?

Add: what did you not do last year, what do you want to do next year?

Less: what do you want less of?

More: what did you do last year that you want to do more of? (Think about our four pillars of happiness at work: Purpose, People, Progress and Positivity. Want to know more about these pillars? Read The Happy Office Manifesto)

Also fun to do with your team! And it’s also great in January….

Happy days!

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