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Do It Yourself: Do Good, Feel Good

With only a few weeks to go until all the December festivities kick-off, a lot of companies are starting to brainstorm about Christmas events or presents for their employees. Why not try a ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ activity?


Last spring, during the Happy People, Better Business event, we created a ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ bulletin board. Each participant could stick a card on the board with a personal offer, a name and a telephone number. Subsequently, all participants could take an offer that someone else placed on the board. The offers ranged from a free coaching consult to a good conversation, a dinner or a walk with a complete stranger. Bij doing so – new contacts and connections were formed.



Two participants, colleagues, working at a client of ours, were so charmed by the idea that they used it for their annual team day. Their Do Good, Feel Good (DFGF) activity was done anonymously. Personal offers were only provided with a mobile phone number, so colleagues would be in the dark about whose personal offer they took. Their DFGF-activity was a great success; employees are still talking about it to this day.


Double portion of happiness

Organizing a DGFG-activity requires little effort but has a great effect. Not only is it an opportunity to get to know your colleagues, it also increases the overall feeling of happiness. In two ways actually, the unexpected event can be a source of happiness as well as making other people, your colleagues for instance, happy. Another great advantage: these positive emotions have a very positive effect on the work environment and achievements.


Need some help?

It is not only fun to organize a DGFG-activity, it is also meaningful, especially in December. Do you need inspiration, help or tools to organize an activity? Do not hesitate to call upon us via We are happy to help!

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