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We have a mission. A mission that makes us happy, and with which we want to make everyone happy. It is a daunting task, but that is all right, because we are not doing it alone and it does not have to be realized tomorrow. The mission? It is 2025 and exactly this year will be the year that the working people of the Netherlands will grade their level of happiness at work on an A.


Now we score a B

Right this very moment our general feeling of happiness is scoring an A as well, but we are giving our happiness at work only a B, according to research from Van Harte & Lingsma. If we are merrily looking at the underlying facts, it is more than sufficient; we are not doing bad in the Netherlands. The work-life balance is overall good and in organizations there is room for improvement. Research from Steda Research and the HappinessBureau shows that 31% of the Dutch working population experience multiple bad workdays due to stress, bad management, and negative colleagues. So bad even that they look up to getting to work in the morning. And that is a shame.


Work life

The bigger part of our day we spend at work. Why wouldn’t we be just as happy as our days off? Moreover, more happiness at work makes us more productive, creative, more innovative, healthier and more vital. With more happiness at work we are not only a nicer colleague but also a better partner, parent, friend and neighbor. So it is vital to increase the B to an A. We are aiming for 2025, but the sooner the better. Do you want us to help you structurally improve happiness at work?

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