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Culture research and culture change

A positive work culture is essential to success. But is your organizational culture positive and in line with the organization’s goals and aspirations? What are the patterns underlying behavior? What secret memos are there? You can’t change your work culture until you really know how it works. Happy Office investigates in depth with observations and interviews what is really going on and looks for your story. On the basis of this diagnosis we make a plan together with you if and how cultural change is needed. Step by step we work on a positive work culture in your organization.

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How we can help

Our approach to culture research and culture change

Many organizations now understand that culture is the driver of success. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” Peter Drucker said back in the last century. But many people also think that culture is difficult to change, intangible and invisible. Changing your culture in the direction you want it to go, in a way that it contributes to the success of your organization, is certainly not easy, but it is certainly not impossible either. A successful journey begins with a thorough analysis. By observing, asking, experiencing and interviewing, we uncover what is hidden: basic beliefs that lead to behavior. Only when you know how your culture really works can you change it to a positive work culture, where people are central and success is a logical consequence. Together with leaders and employees, we clarify the concept of culture, discuss which elements help and which don’t, and determine the route to success. A culture trajectory usually takes at least a few months, depending on what you want to achieve and how big the difference is. Culture is something you make together, and your culture is never finished! So this will be the best journey you will ever make. We are happy to help you with that.