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During the Corona Crisis life is hard for many people. We feel insecure about the situation, worried about our family and friends, about work, about our future. And a lack of physical and social contact makes that even harder. It feels not OK to talk about happiness or wellbeing. However the concept still makes sense. It is about meaning, belonging, progress and positivity. Call it resilience, hope or anything that suits better. A powerful exercise to feel better is to write down 3 things you thankful for. And as you don’t have to ignore feelings of anxiety and worry, write them down too. Create your Personal Positivity Wall at home for more resilience and wellbeing. Make positivity visible and share it with others.

How to do it?

Download the poster, print it and stick it to the wall. If you feel like it, write down something you would like to share (positive or negative) and fill out the date. Make it as colourful and personal as you like. When the poster is full, print another one and put it next to it. So you build your own personal positivity wall, at home with your kids, in your home office or even in your bedroom, bathroom… where ever. And if you like to share it, make a picture and put it on LinkedIn or facebook marked with: #togetherwegotthis.

Together we got this. Together we can do this.


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