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4 Signs that it is time to examine your organisational culture

By 12 April 2023No Comments

We spend a lot of time at work, on average about 80,000 – 90,000 hours of our lives. Moreover, how we feel at work has a big impact on our health and success. So it is hugely important that we perceive our work overall as positive. Organisational culture plays a big role in this. How do you know if your work culture leads to thriving of your employees? Or if it is time to take action? Discover the four clear signs.

1. You no longer know for who and why you do the work
Our research into the state of Happiness at work in the Netherlands tells us that the mark we give our happiness at work has remained roughly the same for the last couple of years. However, our sense of meaningfulness, a key pillar of a positive work culture, has declined over the past year. Knowing and feeling what we contribute for whom is harder than ever. Do you want to know how things are at your place? Just ask some random colleagues what they get out of bed for in the morning. If the answer is: ‘for the kids or the dog’, that’s a first sign. If they then also cannot answer the questions: “What do you contribute for whom?” and “What are the most important values of our organisation?” then there is work to be done.

2. Commitment to each other is way off
Of course, Covid has reduced the feeling of connection with the organisation and each other, but by now solutions must have been found. Don’t your colleagues want to go back to the office? Do they want to be able to decide for themselves when they work from where? If so, that is a clear signal. Working in the 21st century is not an individual matter. To achieve your goals, you have to work together and you can only do that if you know each other well and if you care for each other. So start the conversation right away to see how your hybrid team can WORK together. And that doesn’t start with the question, “How often, when and where do you want to work?” but with the question, “What do we need as a team to achieve our goals?”.

3. Workload rises while results lag behind
Is the workload rising while results lag behind? Can’t find the right people, let alone keep them? Are you worried about the number of colleagues suffering from stress and burn-out? And does absenteeism show an upward trend? Then those are signals with a capital letter when it comes to examine your organisational culture. But also if you see rolling eyes when talking about new ways of working and changes. You can be certain that it is time to ask questions and really listen to what’s going on.

4. You don’t take enough time to have fun
Although our joy at work has increased somewhat in the past year, the hybrid working environment sometimes makes it rather quiet in the office. Do you still get enough laughter and fun? Do colleagues still come enthusiastically to Friday afternoon drinks, company outings and office parties? In other words, is there still enough time and attention for fun and positivity, or is enthusiasm low and activities rare? If yes, then there is serious work to be done.

One or more ticks?
One or more checkmarks apply to your organisation? Then the signals are there and it is time to start working on your organisational culture. And no, that is not easy. Nor difficult, for that matter. Above all, it is necessary. Because if you do nothing, you can be sure things will go wrong.

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